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Exam Scheme:PMI
Exam Number:PMI-001
Download file:pmp fastrack v6.0.0.16.lts
Exam Version:v6.0.0.16
Question quantity:1502
Exam Language:English
Exam Vendor:
Exam creator:
File size:1.38 MB
File description:
Fastrack v6.0.0.16 1502q

PM FASTrack v6.0.0.16 Full version!!!

PMP Simulation Exam (1502 questions)

1. 1 Framework and PM Processes
2. 2 Integration management
3. 3 Scope Management
4. 4 Time Management
5. 5 Cost Management
6. 6 Quality Management
7. 7 Human Resources Management
8. 8 Communication Management
9. 9 Risk Management
10. 10 Procurement Management
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