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Exam Scheme:VMware
Exam Number:VCP-410
Download file:vmware testking vcp-410 v7.lts
Exam Version:V7.0
Question quantity:467
Exam Language:English
Exam Vendor:Testking
Exam creator:
File size:363.27 KB
File description:
VMware Testking VCP-410 Version 7.0


VMware VCP-410

VMware Certified Professional on VI4


Version 7.0

Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools, www.testking.com Table of contents

Topic 1, Main (118 Questions) 3
Topic 2, More #1 (242 Questions) 39
Topic 3, More #2 (98 Questions) 118
Topic 4, Incomplete (9 Questions) 150

Total number of questions: 467

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