Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why I can't upload files?
A: Share files to this site, you need install ExaMojo LTS Suite software and accept terms. When you open an exam file, software will check the file information from site automatically and gives you suggestion.

Q: What's the file size limitation?
A: 7M.

Q: Why I can't my files which I uploaded?
A: Many reasons
1, The files category needs be approved.
2, The files are holded.
3, The files do not set schema, exam code..
4, Other reason, leave message in forum.

Q: What's the process to share a file
A: First: You MUST Share file meta information to examfarm site. The meta info includes file size, description, schema, etc.. The meta info DOES NOT include any question information. Our site will generate a page for this file. Everyone can comment this file on this page.

Second: After our site creates the exam file page, you can share the exam file to and this file will be linked to file page.

Q: More questions
A: Leave a message in forum









Open *.lts with  ExaMojo Suite.


ExaMojo screen shots.